Making Food Fun For That Picky Eater Phase

Pinterest PhotoI remember when we first started solids. I was so proud. I thought wow, my baby eats everything. EVERYTHING. I would hear people talk about their picky babies and just rejoice inside that MY child… little perfect monster may not give me a lick of sleep but the girl will eat anything. From 6 months to 16 months we were in pure culinary bliss. And then it happened…

The phase. That one “phase” you hear about but hope it only happens to others. She became picky. And not just, “ew I don’t like veggies picky”. I mean I will throw that egg across your face picky, even though those were her FAVORITE for like 8 months straight. So picky that she just would. not. eat. Not a lick of what I had on the plate. And as a mom who has always been worried about her weight since she was a preemie and barely on the scales… I would get up, scuffle to the kitchen and literally offer anything I thought she may eat. Udon for breakfast? Here you go.

So I decided to try and make meal time a little more fun. I don’t do this for every meal……who the heck has time for that? But when I’m feeling fancy and offering new foods or foods she’s rejected before, I try to dress them up to entice her. It has worked folks… which is why I’m sharing these fun ideas with you!

I found these vegetable cutters (can buy off amazon here) which are perfect to cut anything from zucchini, squash, cucumbers and other vegetables as well as fruits. These cutters are tiny (1″ diameter and 1″ high). I would make sure to cut the veggie/fruit slices thin since the cutters are more of a rounded shape to make sure it’s not too thick and doesn’t become a choking hazard. I’m a complete paranoid mom when it comes to choking *and everything really* so you know your toddler best and what they can handle.

I also got these cute little animal food picks (also from amazon here). She loves to grab these and can often handle them better than a fork. These are super tiny as well so they’re not super functional but they do the job in at least getting kids interest. The frog & panda only have two picks…useless, those went straight in the trash, they don’t stick to any food. But the rest do work well.

As time passed I realized that the more I gave her attention, positive or negative while she ate, it would end up being used against me. I remember once dropping a plate of food in front of her and going back to the kitchen to clear up the dishwasher. I peeked over at her from the counter and…..I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was seeing properly…the child had nearly eaten her whole plate of food. What in the world had just happened?

I read somewhere that they go through a control phase right around that time, which makes a lot of sense now. We still have struggles but in the end, eating something to me is better than nothing so if I have to whip up some mac’n’cheese to make her happy, then that’s what it will be. We do supplement with vitamins off and on for extra precaution and I offer something healthy at every meal, most days she eats well and I’ll take that as a success!






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