DIY – White Wash Your Fireplace!


When we moved into our house I knew one of my first DIY projects would be the fireplace. I loved the bricks but the color just didn’t go with our theme. So I started researching and found a TON of videos and tutorials on how to white wash a fireplace. I’ll walk you through my process and also provide links of the tutorials I followed as inspiration. Here is what my fireplace looked like before.

Supplies you will need:

  • White paint
  • Water
  • Large & Medium Paint Brushes
  • Rags (I went through ~10) and got these from Ikea at 70 cents each but you can use any old rag just make sure you have a bunch
  • Tall ladder
  • Painters Tape
  • Tarp to cover your floors

I started by covering the floors and using painters tape where needed (around the opening of the fireplace mainly). Then Mix 30% water & 70% paint. I used a water-based paint which is the reason why I didn’t mix it 50/50. If you use a different paint start with less water and add until you get a consistency that is easy to apply – not too watery. Finally the process is pretty simple – brush the paint onto the brick, wait a few seconds then rub off with the rag until you reach the tint you like. You can leave it on longer for a whiter look or scrub right away for a more distressed look. Start from the top and work your way down that way you can fix any drips that may occur. I have to say it took me several hours (an entire afternoon to be exact) to finish this. Also make sure you alternate arms because I can tell you I felt the burn that night in the arm I was using to scrub the paint. Here’s the result!

Overall I am so glad I did it – made a huge different in the way our living room looks and brought it all together. And this was actually easier then painting our kitchen cabinets………DIY on this coming soon 🙂




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