Review – KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

1I’ve been eyeing play kitchens for a while but wasn’t sure if they would be worth the investment since they are pretty pricey. Leila is at an age (16 months) where she plays with a toy twice and is over it but I have seen her be really interested in play kitchens at her friends house. After weeks of reflection and searching second hand groups I finally decided to buy this new. For one because I was very specific on the color & style since this would actually sit in my kitchen. It had to be white or gray. My thought was she would have her own little kitchen in the kitchen so that while I cooked she could go play.

So we ordered this model from Amazon. We are prime members so we received it in two days. What I wasn’t expecting was that it came in a bazillion pieces.


Needless to say, it was a project. One we started after we put the baby to sleep around 8:30pm and completed by 10:30pm-11pm. There needs to be two of you to do this……I don’t think I could’ve done it by myself. Here are the pros and cons of this kitchen after all said and done and having used it for a few months:


  • Sturdy wood
  • Easy to clean
  • Toddler plays with it often
  • Perfect for ages 15 months – 2 years
  • Isn’t too bulky
  • Looks great, very nice design


  • Building this is a two-man job and takes several hours
  • Cost is fairly high at $100+
  • No lights or sounds

Overall I’m happy with the purchase of this product. L seems to enjoy it. Stay tuned for our favorite play kitchen accessories review.


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