Decorate Your Home On A Budget

Pinterest PhotoWhen we first bought our house I was so excited. In part because we were homeowners (yay!) but also because I got to decorate our home and do exactly what I wanted. Unlike apartments where you’re walking on eggshells because you may lose your entire deposit over a nail in the wall.

I think I put so much pressure on myself to make the space PERFECT that it took a while for me to be happy with it, especially given that I had a small budget and very high expectations.

So before we moved in we first painted the house. It was this beige color and we decided to go with the color “Silver Bullet” by Behr which was a gray. It’s definitely more of a blue-gray than a beige gray which we noticed after painting the whole place, but we liked it.

7b426d11-ecf1-44a0-adba-aeec1256909a_1000Before & after below:

So the plan was to make our existing furniture work and just add decor to tie everything together. Our old place however was a completely different theme with golds and deep blues, beige walls and dark wood floors. My plan for this home was to have grays, silvers, coppers & whites as my main colors.

We had gotten our Ikea sofa secondhand from OfferUp when we first moved to Texas. It had a beige cover and just didn’t go with the feel of the place. Luckily we found this company that custom makes a whole bunch of covers (couldn’t get it from Ikea because the sofa was discontinued). So we ordered a light gray cover to replace our old beige cover which cost us $200. Before and after below:

We also had the Hendriksdal chairs from Ikea which also had beige covers. We luckily found light gray covers at Ikea for only $19/each (see here).

The Z Gallerie center table we found second hand on Facebook Marketplace. It was in fairly descent condition, just a few scratches and screws missing so we got a paint touch up pen from Home Depot and fixed it up. It was also missing the drawer hardware so we replaced these and Voila! Like new.IMG_0556

My side tables are also from ikea (I know, it’s an obsession). You can find them here. They come in this light wood finish so I spray painted them a metallic silver.

That’s the bulk of it. I had so much fun putting everything together and keep tweaking as we go… I’m sure the space will keep changing and evolving but for now, I’m happy with the final result.





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