Hello and welcome to my blog!

About me…

I am that mom. The one who paints the kitchen cabinets wearing her baby in a ring sling and drinks kombucha with a side of donuts. The one who tries really hard to be healthy but ends up making mac’n’cheese three times a week to go with that avocado and green smoothie. The one who thinks she’s got her sh*t together but is so clumsy, broke a window and a fluorescent kitchen light in the same day. About that light… I’m also the mom who called poison control thinking that powder stuff would kill us all in a matter of seconds.

I currently live in Dallas with my little girl Leila and husband Mike. We moved here from California a few years ago and never looked back (California you kill me with your traffic and home prices but I do miss those beaches, friends & fam).

I love DIY projects and crafts so you will see quite a bit of that on this blog – anything from sewing, knitting, painting, home decor hacks and much more. I also love shopping on a budget and just exploring life with my favorite baby girl.

That’s me. In a nutshell. Thank you for visiting 🙂


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