DIY Ikea Hack – Kids Bookshelves

One of my favorite parts of the nursery is the book corner I put together using Ikea shelves. Usually my hubby is the one that does any projects needing drills and stuff but I decided to do this myself and was pretty proud of how it turned out. Materials: Mosslanda Picture Ledges (at ikea┬áhere) Drill … Continue reading DIY Ikea Hack – Kids Bookshelves


My Birth Story and Welcome Leila Rae!

Hello world!! Well it has been wayyyy too long... and I mean WAYYY too long! I'm very sorry to have completely dissappeared but the truth is, I didn't realize what a whirlwind it would be to have a newborn. She's here! My little kicker, nausea inducer is here! Well it has been a journey, I … Continue reading My Birth Story and Welcome Leila Rae!